Colours are an important element in Dansani’s visual expression

We use colours to differentiate ourselves, to bring life to a design, and to highlight special messages. Consistent use of colour provides cohesion across different media.


The colour palette

These are the five graphic colours used in Dansani’s communications. It is important not to use other colours, as these are central to our graphic communications.

The primary colours are blue and grey, while the aqua is a secondary colour used to supplement the others.

The fourth colour is copper leaf, which is used in special and exclusive printed material. It can be used as an ordinary CMYK colour, however, if you do not want to use a fifth colour.

The blue Dansani colour can be used for headings and other highlighted text.

Exceptionally, other colours besides the primary and secondary colours can be used for campaigns.

The small coloured fields in Dansani Blue, Dansani Grey, Dansani Aqua and Dansani Copper show the main colours at 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% saturation.
These tint values can be used when the primary colour is not suitable, or as a supplement.

Primary colours

Secondary colours

Dansani Blue

PRIMaRy colour

HEX: #0058a3

RGB: R: 000 G: 088 B: 163

CMYK: C: 100 M: 060 Y: 000 K: 005


Dansani Grey

PRIMaR colour

HEX: #d1ccc9

RGB: R: 209 B: 204 G: 201

CMYK: C: 007 M: 009 Y: 010 K: 017

PANTONE: Warm Grey 2 U

Dansani Aqua

seconday colour

HEX: #bee2e5

RGB: R: 190 B: 226 G:229

CMYK: C: 030 M: 000 Y: 012 K: 000


Dansani Copper

secondary colour

HEX: #9b8379

RGB: R: 155 B: 131 G: 122

CMYK: CC: 27 M: 42 Y: 42 K: 15